Friday, January 22, 2016

"The blood in his veins dried up decades ago. Only dust remains."

The upside of jobhunting is having time to work on portfolio pieces. Here's a quick screengrab of my current WIP: Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, as depicted in the Hellboy movie.

Zmodeler is saving my life. This guy is the first high-detail character I've attempted entirely in Zbrush, including all the straps and buckles and hard-edged details that I used to jump over to Maya to model and refine. I've lost track of the time I've saved by not having to switch back and forth anymore.

As usual I have way too many half-baked ideas at various stages of completion, and I'm constantly resisting the urge to jump around from one to the other. Trying to buckle down and really focus on this guy and get him finished. The plan is to pose him and render him up nice and quick in Zbrush, then move on to the next project in the queue. But maybe at some point I'll build him a low-res mesh and turn him into a game character.

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